Chirstoffer Sevaldsen of Black Void Games-rs
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Black Void Games Interview

It’s no secret, I love D&D. However, I’m not a loyalist and I readily accept new RPGs any chance I can. In 2018, I chanced…

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Sentient Cow Games
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Sentient Cow Games Interview

Do you like offbeat humor and quirkiness? How about immersive dungeon crawlers with bottomless nerdy pop culture references? In April 2018, an independent game developer…

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too many board games
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Too Many Board Games?

Travel in any circle of enthusiasts long enough and you will soon find that it is a lot like any other circle. Most people are…

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7 Games to Introduce to Your Basic Friends
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7 Games to Introduce to Your BASIC Friends

Hang around board gaming Facebook groups long enough and you’ll soon see people asking what games to introduce to their non-gamer friends or family members…

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Surprise Rounds Don't Exist in 5E
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The Surprise Round Doesn’t Exist in 5E

It’s a simple oversight but pervasive, nonetheless. I still want to point out that when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons 5E, there is NO…

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Cover Your Kingdom Box
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Pre-Game: Cover Your Kingdom

Cover Your Kingdom by Grandpa Beck’s Games Grandpa Beck’s Games sent me a trial copy of Cover Your Kingdom which will hit Kickstarter on June 4th….

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Pre-Game: Remarkable Shops & Their Wares

Remarkable Shops & Their Wares This Kickstarter is a followup to the Platinum best-selling Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks by LoreSmyth, a title we have yet…

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Queuepidity by NZS Games
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People said it’s impossible to make a game about standing in line. Those people are stupid. And possibly fictional. In any event, we did the…

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RPGenerations Tabletop Knights
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RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights

I’m not fond of choosing favorites. Favorite food…child…color…number. Well, I take it back on the number. 9 is the best. But with everything else, I…

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Terminus Breach TD
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Relaunching Matt Lloyd’s Terminus Breach

Ask the gaming community about backing Kickstarters and you will get no shortage of opinions. Following creators and campaigns is not unlike following your favorite…

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