Pre-Game: Cover Your Kingdom

Cover Your Kingdom by Grandpa Beck’s Games

Grandpa Beck’s Games sent me a trial copy of Cover Your Kingdom which will hit Kickstarter on June 4th. My initial response was “no thanks” as I don’t care for standard card games or puns. And at first glance, Cover Your Kingdom seemed to hit both of these dead-on. But boy am I glad the creator of the game, Jeff Beck, sent me an advance copy of the instructions. After reading them, I was curious to try the game, and had the pleasure of doing so over the weekend. As it turns out, the puns and artwork combine to make the game funny, and the game play is cutthroat. One second, you are dominating the game and the next your points have all been filched away by your friends. And then you realize you have just enough time to trash those cards, removing them from the game, and more importantly, lowering scores around the table enough to eke out a win. That’s what I loved about this game. Until the very last hand, everyone feels like they have a shot at winning.

Clearly, I liked the game play, and the mechanics were easy to understand. This is a game that you can teach anyone to play within a matter of minutes, setup is extremely easy, and yet there’s still a lot of strategy to the game. I would definitely recommend this game for casual and hard-core gamers alike. The depth of the game will appeal to serious board gamers, while the quick and easy game play makes it extremely accessible for friends and family that aren’t ready to invest nine hours of game play into Twilight Imperium.

Our Prediction: I’m excited to see the Kickstarter campaign and I fully expect this game to be a success, assuming that the funding goal isn’t over the top.

We’ll check back once this goes live and update this page with a link to the Cover Your Kingdom Kickstarter.

Cover Your Kingdom Game Pieces
Cover Your Kingdom Game Pieces


Author: Joosh

2 thoughts on “Pre-Game: Cover Your Kingdom

  1. I got to play this game as well and absolutely loved it. Very competitive and like you said, everyone is in it until the very end. It’s especially fun to play with the more people you get (it plays up to 6 people). Great review!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mike! I played it as well and you guys are both spot on. One round a player stayed angry the whole time because he was sure he’d finish last. He won.

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