Creative D&D Characters: Chaotic Evil Elf Wizard

Sariel, the chaotic evil elf wizard

One of the earliest things I learned about Dungeons & Dragons was that chaotic evil characters generally don’t last long. Aside from not usually making the best party members the conventional wisdom was that a chaotic evil PC eventually crosses the wrong person and meets an untimely demise. But how do you define untimely? Is it 3rd level? 15th? We’re still not sure what the answer is but we thought presenting you with a mid-career chaotic evil wizard would be fun. A similarly power-hungry wizard may find this wizard’s spellbook a worthy prize as well as her Rod of Rulership.

If you’re unfamiliar with this series, please take a look at all the other entries of our Creative D&D Characters series. Each character of the series is also listed at the bottom of this post.

Today we give you Sariel Ilphelkiir, the chaotic evil elf wizard.

Chaotic Evil Elf Wizard
Commission: Elven Wizard © IvannaMatilla

Who Am I?

“Knowledge is something that several people claim to seek. The truth is that’s just lip service that know-it-alls say to impress people by reciting ‘knowledge is power‘ to anyone that will listen and stroke their egos. I maintain a great secret knowledge that would crumble civilizations, for better or for worse. If these knowledge-mongers were to discover this knowledge, a sacred scroll I have secreted away, they would destroy it. They would do it in the name of prosperity but let’s call it what it is:  censorship. A civilization that prides itself on censorship deserves to fall. Until the time is right, this scroll will remain secreted away.

Originally, I spent most of my time pouring through ancient texts in the Candlekeep library but I realized that I would get little real knowledge within those walls. Consequently, I now travel far and wide in search of “forbidden knowledge” and I use hirelings to assist me through diversions, misdirection, and, frankly, muscle. While my magic is powerful, I’m not so foolish as to believe I can travel the Sword Coast and the Western Heartlands alone. Gnolls, orcs, bugbears, and even ogres make decent henchmen. If I can’t persuade them to do my bidding, or if they fail me, they forfeit their lives.

What Else Drives Me?

Of particular interest to me at the moment is creating homunculi; there are stories of arcane texts in Beregost that may hold the key to my ability to craft these constructs. Obviously I will need a lab of some sort but that’s a minor detail compared to the knowledge I seek. Most notably, I have heard whispered tales involving The Burning Wizard in Beregost. I’m sure they are largely folk tales but such tales always contain elements of truth. Therefore, someone has to know something more useful than the rumors I’ve heard. I have been coercing goblins into performing raids on small supply trains to Beregost to get the rumor mill churning. Once people start talking about one topic, it’s easy to keep them talking and they eventually slide into other topics.

I will extract the information from them when I find it whether it be through subtle manipulation or outright torture from my ‘hired muscle’. Because the latter usually involves kidnapping I prefer to use manipulation. My elven heritage makes it easy for me to blend in among the common folk. Furthermore, there is always a risk of a kidnappee escaping. It is much more advantageous to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Another rumor suggests there may be a Robe of the Archmagi somewhere deep in The High Forest. Such a wondrous item is crucial in my quest for knowledge (and power). But most of all, I first need to master the art of constructing homunculi.”


Where can you find me?

Candlekeep is where I studied my craft but home is wherever I decide.

Stats & Background Information
Sariel Ilphelkiir, Chaotic Evil Elf Wizard

Name: Sariel Ilphelkiir
Race: High Elf
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Female
Level: 8
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 103 lbs.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Color: Bronze
Age: 240
Known Cantrips: Firebolt, Friends, Mage Hand, Light, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost
Feats: Elemental Adept (Fire), Spell Sniper
Arcane Tradition:  Enchantment (Hypnotic Gaze, Instinctive Charm)
Hit Points: 34
Armor Class: 10 (if unarmored)
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 14

Background: Sage (Researcher)
Personality Trait: I’m convinced that people are always trying to steal my secrets.
Ideal: No Limits. Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence. (Chaotic)
Bond: I have an ancient text that holds terrible secrets that must not fall into the wrong hands.
Flaw: Unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of a civilization.

Sariel’s Spellbook:

1st Level

  • Alarm
  • Burning Hands
  • Charm Person
  • Feather Fall
  • Identify
  • Mage Armor
  • Magic Missile
  • Sleep

2nd Level

  • Crown of Madness
  • Hold Person
  • Shatter
  • Suggestion

3rd Level

  • Fireball
  • Gaseous Form
  • Leomund’s Tiny Hut
  • Lightning Bolt

4th Level

  • Banishment
  • Blight
  • Confusion
  • Ice Storm

As always, we hope you enjoyed the sixth PC/NPC in the Creative D&D Characters series. Sariel seems like she’s not ready to meet an untimely demise but does she have any say?

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