The Heir of Orcus

The Heir of Orcus—A DMs Guild Review

The Heir of Orcus (both verses, which I’ll cover at once) combines a lot of things I like into a couple of short adventures: pixel art reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda from the NES/SNES days, ...

Enhanced Focuses

Enhanced Focuses—A DMs Guild Review

“Hmmm? Oh, yeah…my character has a spellcasting focus. It’s…uhh…his staff. He put a crystal on the end of it.” I’m speculating here, but the odds are good tha...

Malady Codex

The Malady Codex—A DMs Guild Review

A lot of times afflictions, diseases, and, sometimes, even conditions are all afterthoughts in many a roleplaying game. The Malady Codex by Jason Bakos and Themis Paraskevas is a great supplement that...

Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.11.11

Let’s kick off this Kickstart Your Week post with the previous weeks’ entires and how those campaigns are doing: Tidal Blades–successfully funded at $783K. Congrats! Volfyirion–still going...

Sharn's Bounty Hunters

Eberron: Sharn’s Bounty Hunters—A DMs Guild Review

Eberron continues to enthrall me despite the fact that I have yet to read the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron. I’ve read great things from Guild authors though and Eberron fascinates me. It&#...

Altar of the Spider God

Altar of the Spider God—A DMs Guild Review

Undermountain is getting lots of buzz lately. I know of at least three projects going on within Guild circles, including this Undermountain Locales series, that involve Undermountain in some way. I do...

Attack on Coppercoil

Attack on Coppercoil—A DMs Guild Review

When I was first approached about a review for Attack on Coppercoil I immediately wondered if it was something to do with Eberron. Coppercoil instilled visions of cogs and complex machines. But, it tu...

RPGenerations Tabletop Knights

RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights

I’m not fond of choosing favorites. Favorite food…child…color…number. Well, I take it back on the number. 9 is the best. But with everything else, I hate choosing. Obviously I ...

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