Tavern Brawl Builder

Tavern Brawl Builder—A DMs Guild Review

It’s funny to me that so much in D&D happens within a tavern yet we have comparatively few written rules regarding them. Sure, there are a lot of options available for running taverns in you...

Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.11.04

As usual, let’s start this Kickstart Your Week post off with a recap of the previously mentioned Kickstarters. The Dreams in Gary’s Basement—still going strong at 245% funding and 11 days ...

Tales from the Loop

Tales from the Loop: A Review by Devon

Hey everyone and welcome to Rocks Fall Reviews! on NonZero Sum Games! The podcast Rocks Fall! is your home for the best game reviews, creator interviews, and actual play in the podcasting world! Like ...

Terminus Breach TD

Relaunching Matt Lloyd’s Terminus Breach

Ask the gaming community about backing Kickstarters and you will get no shortage of opinions. Following creators and campaigns is not unlike following your favorite sports teams and players. You will ...

Heaven is a Place On Faerún

Heaven is a Place on Faerún

It’s been too long since we have released a Guild product. To say we were due is an understatement. Nonetheless, we have finally published Heaven is a Place on Faerún which follows along our Tru...

The Black Feather vs The Flawless Gem

The Black Feather vs The Flawless Gem

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you all to Sire Lyre. He makes amazing isometric maps. They are some of the best I’ve seen. Today I get to share his October map (yes…in November…a...

Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.28

Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.28 Last week we covered some great Kickstarters and I’m happy to report that two of those have since been fully funded (the other two were already funded before my po...

Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 2 by Jeremy Hart

Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 2

It hasn’t been 3 months since I last reviewed Jeremy Hart’s Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 1 but it’s Halloween and time to take a look at some more of the good stuff! Like any go...

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