The Enchanted by R.G. Wood

The Enchanted
The Enchanted by R.G. Wood

The Enchanted

Writer(s): R.G. Wood
Publisher: DMs Guild
Cost: $0.99
Product Length: 8 pages
Available Format(s): PDF

For what little bit is in The Enchanted by R.G. Wood, it is well-written and inspirational. One issue, perhaps the only issue, I have with it is that it’s incredibly brief. This supplement has a quarter-page devoted to low-fantasy rules and the remainder that’s not reserved for the cover page, a credits page, and a “Coming Soon” page is for the two backgrounds and art. All of it is good. But give me more. Can we get some thematic reasons for why we may be running a low-magic campaign, for example? What are the repercussions of openly practicing magic? Is it a crime? Or is it that magic is unstable and has larger consequences?

As for the backgrounds, Feytouched and Fey Exile, I actually enjoyed them. But each player at your table must choose a unique background. Then everyone from the third player on is simply out of luck. Choose some martial class instead. Creator R.G. Wood states in the supplement that there are plans to release more unique backgrounds through Grisly Eye Games (presumably via DMs Guild) which, to me, suggests that either this product is incomplete (a truncated version to gauge interest maybe) or that you may need to purchase extra supplements in the future to have a fully-realized player options accessory.

It is otherwise an inspiring product with a lot of potential for gaming in a low-magic fantasy setting.


  • great potential for creating low-magic campaigns with unique player options


  • too short, almost to the point of feeling incomplete
The Enchanted
The Enchanted is available on DMs Guild for $0.99.

A review copy was provided by the creator.

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