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The pen is truly mightier than the sword

Pencils down! Okay, we finished up slightly earlier than we anticipated…hey, it’s not technically Thursday when we published these despite most people probably not seeing them until then.

At any rate, we’d love to hear your feedback on these first free Dungeons and Dragons modules so we can create even better content in the future. Download them, read them, introduce someone to the hobby, and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. We are using all feedback to improve all the subsequent modules. Here’s an example of early feedback from a gamer:

I’m reading through the adventure now. I love the concept. It’s a great alternative to the pre-generated characters, and a fun way to learn the game.

I was struck by the difference between how I start to design a character and the adventure flow. Normally I’d chose my class first, and pick a race that complements the class primary stats. This adventure doesn’t touch on that. I like that it emphasizes imagination over character optimization.

-Scott Z.

Feedback like this gives us comfort that we’re producing something people will enjoy. Other feedback from an earlier review was:

Just read thru them… Excellent! A minor formatting detail: in Module 00, on page 3, there are two headings entitled “What if a character dies?”. You may want to change that.

-Jason B.

We welcome and encourage this kind of feedback. We were able to make the appropriate edits before too many downloads. Thanks to the DMs Guild we can create content to share that consumers can find easily. Consequently, it will be our platform of choice until further notice. Once we finish the Truly Madly Deeply series we plan to release other standalone adventures and supplemental materials.

Truly Madly Deeply Module 00 – Introduce your new players to character creation through role-playing. Frankly, role-playing games can be intimidating to some new players due to information overload. While this module won’t explain the particulars of how to fill out a character sheet or the pros/cons of each particular class/race it will get players thinking about what kind of character they’d like to play and who those characters are. What motivates them?  What are their personality traits and, perhaps, even flaws. The ability to step into a character and make decisions as that character would do is what will give your game a rich and rewarding experience for everyone at the table. And don’t worry, there is still some action in this module.

Truly Madly Deeply Module 01 – If you have a group together already or players that prefer to create their characters without the aid of Module 00 that’s fine. You can skip straight to Module 01. Here the 1st-level players will be training to join the Harpers, a faction in Faerûn that seeks to covertly “thwart tyrants and any leader, government, or group that grows too powerful, and aid the weak, the poor, and the oppressed.” Upon graduation the players will be full members of The Harpers Order of Shaundakul although at very low levels. In subsequent modules the players can work to increase their renown within the faction.

So if you you’re interested head on over to the DMs Guild (<–bookmark that link to see our page and check back periodically for future releases!) and give them a try.

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