Esquiel's Guide to Magic Weapons
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Esquiel’s Guide to Magic Weapons

I knew an AD&D player who said he loved that edition’s Dungeon Masters Guide because you could quickly turn to the treasures. They’re right in the…

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Loresmyth Interview

It’s exciting watching everyday people become successful in the tabletop gaming arena. As a child and teenager, I think I intuitively knew that a lot…

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Villains & Lairs
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Savage Encounters: Villains & Lairs

This is the first of several installments of Villains & Lairs. I’ve had a review copy for quite some time but for various reasons that…

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D&D Solo Adventure Labyrinth of Lies
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D&D Solo Adventure: Labyrinth of Lies

If you haven’t tried playing D&D solo, what are you waiting for? I know when we typically think of tabletop RPGs we envision a bunch…

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Attack on Avernus
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Attack on Avernus: The Wrath of Tiamat

A smart guy I was talking D&D with once told me that a good Dungeon Masters Guild creator should ultimately have one goal. A Guild…

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Myrddin's Guide to Faerie
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Myrddin’s Guide to Faerie

When you read someone’s work it’s sometimes easy to see who is faking the knowledge they’re trying to convey and who is legit. Myrddin’s Guide to…

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Warriors of Sehanine
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Warriors of Sehanine

Before she became a Guild Adept, I reviewed a couple of adventures by Ashley Warren, one of which is a solo adventure. I have also…

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Treasure Finds
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Treasured Finds: Organized Loot for 5th Edition

It’s no secret. I am a fan of Travis Hanson‘s art. When I saw the cover of Andrew Cawood’s Treasured Finds I liked it immediately. His…

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Hamund's Harvesting Handbook
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Hamund’s Harvesting Handbook: Volume 2

Last May, I wrote about Hamund’s Harvesting Handbook and it became quite a hit for this site and the Handbook itself has since become a…

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Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar
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Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar

In what seems like another life, I served in the Army. During basic training I learned that there are some things you just can’t hide…

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