Review: The Ghost and the Peddler

The Ghost and the Peddler by Benoit de Bernardy (Goblin Stone)

The Ghost and the Peddler

The Ghost and the Peddler is a quick adventure by Benoit de Barnardy for three to five players of 3rd to 5th level. It’s intriguing, mysterious, and anything but your typical dungeon crawl. You can easily integrate this small adventure into your larger campaign to introduce new plot hooks and NPCs and also give your characters more opportunity for development.

Your adventurers will meet up with an apothecary named Jack Flanagan. Jack’s father died some time back and since then he has been unusually busy. He believes the ghost of his father may be haunting him. Haunted or not, bad luck does tend to follow Jack around. He will make a great companion NPC for your group. Also, this adventure will work particularly well if you’re running an adventure with some otherwise uneventful travel.

My Experience Running The Ghost and the Peddler

Be careful. There are spoilers here.

I ran this adventure to bridge the gap between two other adventures. It would prove to be a great filler. My group of 3 PCs are a kobold, a tiefling, and a human cleric—yeah, it’s a motley crew. This adventure was great for them because they suspected everyone of trickery against them. Everyone except the actual culprit…a helpful yet misguided leprechaun named Seamus disguised as Jack’s pet raccoon.

At our subsequent session my group told me how much they enjoyed that adventure. One even went and looked it up (I didn’t give them any details of the adventure). He read through it and thought it was great and that how we all handled it was a lot of fun. I suspect he may use it in one of his groups he DMs for.

So that’s it. Short and sweet just like the adventure. Download your copy at DriveThruRPG (you can also click the image above) for less than half of what you’d spend on a fast food meal.

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