Tides of Blood



An 8-12 hour adventure of discovery and daring on the Blood Sea for 4-5 characters of 6th level written by Christopher Walz.

Menthias Dolgutha, a Coreanic priest in Mithril, has received a vision of the Silver Bastion, a fortress used by the knightly Order of Silver during the Divine War, rising from the Blood Sea. Searching Mithril’s libraries, the priest discovered the fortress was built before the titan Kadum was defeated and imprisoned at the depths of the sea. The Silver Bastion was overrun with titanspawn as the last remaining knights stayed behind, allowing others to retreat to the mainland. Menthias believes a Coreanic relic, the Brightshield, may still be hidden in the once-lost castle. Will your heroes be able to brave the dangers of the Blood Sea and contend with the Heartseekers of Kadum to wrest control over the powerful relic?

What’s Inside:

  • An adventure focusing on all three pillars of play (combat, social interaction, and exploration) spanning 2-3 typical gaming sessions.
  • Detailed rules for navigating the Blood Sea and its unique weather patterns and other dangers.
  • 2 maps to help you bring the adventure’s locations to life.
  • 11 original stat blocks, including 9 creatures native to the Blood Sea and 2 unique NPCs.
  • 2 new magic items, including a powerful shield said to be wielded by Corean himself.
  • A printer-friendly PDF and separate map files for easy use at your table

About the Author: My first memory of roleplaying games is picking up my brother’s 2nd edition Monstrous Manual and looking at the pictures before I could read. I have been playing roleplaying games for over 14 years and am eager to share my adventures with you.

My DMing style seeks to provide real (often deadly) challenges for players. I feel this makes an adventure truly rewarding and leaves your players feeling like heroes. If we, as GMs, can achieve that then we have “won” the game. This adventure is hard. Your players will be challenged. At the end of the day, they will remember their journey on Scarn’s Blood Sea.

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