Internet Troll—A New CR5 Monster for 5E


The Internet Troll is a new CR5 monster for 5E.

Enjoy this free download and be sure to share it with the Net Trolls of your worlds!


Everyone has encountered the Internet Troll at least once in their lives. You’re traipsing around the interwebs when suddenly a big lumbering oaf has invited himself into your pleasant discourse with friends and acquaintances. Sometimes, it leaves you surprised, but mostly he spews inane babble which would be easy enough to ignore but for how obtuse his comments are. Sometimes, against your better judgment, you try reasoning with the lout. But comprehension, reasoning, and logic are not this monster’s strongest attributes. What was gratifying dialogue among reasonable humanoids devolves into a cesspit of logical fallacies and barely intelligible, and contradictory, accusation.

The Internet Troll is hard to kill. It is tougher than its cousins to be sure. And, like all trolls, this one has regenerative capabilities. But what makes this monster so tough to kill is its cowardice. It will swoop in with its asininity but will retreat to its echo chamber quickly if it receives too much damage. One should take great care when pursuing the Internet Troll into its lair for that is where it is at its deadliest!

The Internet Trolls of NZS Games’ World

Net Trolls are not unique monsters in our world. They’re not even rare. But some stand out more than others and leave lasting impressions on us. One such Net Troll is Duarobag Durcheum. This particular troll is fond of inciting humble, easy-going people to rage and when his targets don’t take his bait he resorts to ad hominen attacks. He’s even known to take his proverbial ball and go home. This blatherskite’s favorite tactic is to make incendiary remarks and then remove those remarks when they prove ineffectual. He will then try to enlist others to his cause but this rarely works. It seems the best way to combat this shambling cretin is to simply not feed it. And never, EVER follow him into his echo chamber. It’s what he wants! He thrives on the attention.

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