TMD2—Hama Said Knock You Out




You carried your characters through Harper training and now it is time to be officially recognized by the High Harper in Berdusk and be recorded into the official record as members in good standing of the Harpers.  What lies between Aberuthven and Berdusk and will your party make the trek in 14 days or less?  Or will something sidetrack you?

This module is the third in the Truly, Madly, Deeply series.  Continue your training with your 2nd level characters in this 3 hour adventure.  It is assumed that your party consists of four level two characters of a good alignment that have chosen to be in the Harpers guild. You could use this module as a standalone adventure with some tweaking of a few details but those that have played through Module 01 may find this adventure richer and more fulfilling than those who have not.  You can adjust the difficulty of the encounters described below to account for more or less characters.

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