TMD0—A Savage Garden All Around Me




The purpose of this module is to introduce a new player, or players, and a Dungeon Master (DM), to the process of creating a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition character. For adventuring parties that have already created their characters, you can skip to Module 1. In this module, we’ll build up each character through role-playing, storytelling, and the use of targeted questions by the DM. At the end of this module, each player should have a level 1 character that’s ready to play.

Please note that the intent of this module is not to explain how to create a character or fill in the character sheet. That information is thoroughly covered in the Player’s Handbook, and you will need to complete the character sheets prior to starting Module 1. Instead, this module is to help young and/or new players to flesh out their characters through some role-playing. This serves as an introduction to role-playing and sets the stage for the following modules.

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