Pre-Game Report: The Goblin King is Angry

The Goblin King is Angry by IION Games

The Goblin King is Angry Logo
Coming to Kickstarter: The Goblin King is Angry

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Kickstarter is live now!

The Goblin King is Angry has a lot going for it. First, it’s a new take on the old tower defense game design. Second, it is billed as a “Competitive Cutthroat Co-Op Game” which means conning your friends into doing all of the work and then swooping in for victory when they least suspect it. Those two items alone have me following this game! Third, the Kickstarter preview campaign has a lot of great stretch goals that are going to appeal to people. Then you throw in the fact that the artwork is compelling, the theme is interesting, and they have just the right amount of humor sprinkled throughout.

If you want to learn more about this game, here’s a video that gets into the game mechanics, and you can read up on its Board Game Geek entry. Or, just look at this keen graphic below as they do an awesome job capturing all of the key elements and showcasing their great artwork.

Our Prediction: Unless they do something crazy, like setting the goal absurdly high, or punching a kitten on YouTube, I’m feeling confident this project will get funded. I’ll check back in when the campaign goes live and update this page with a link to The Goblin King is Angry Kickstarter where you can jump on the bandwagon with us!

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