Pre-Game Report: Salty Dogs – The Card Game

Salty Dogs – A Fast Moving Game for All

Diving into game development head first, Berserker is about to launch their first game development project called Salty Dogs. While  they may be new to board games, Berserker isn’t new to Kickstarter and has had two successful art-related projects so far. This is a promising start, but what really caught my attention is the artwork and their description of the game as “a fast flowing devious 2-4 player ‘take that’ style card game for ages 8+. An easy to pick up gateway game that is guaranteed to spice up any tabletop night.” I love devious games, and here at NZS Games, we’re always on the lookout for gateway games that will bring in new players.

As you can see here, the artwork is fun and reminiscent of the Garbage Pail Kids and other 90’s era cartoons. The theme appears to be consistent throughout the game and their online marketing. Overall, it should be a compelling game to play, especially if you like making your opponents suffer along the way!

Our Prediction

Based on their initial estimates, the Kickstarter goal and pledge levels seem consistent with other successful projects. The goal is a bit on the high end, but still well within the realm of possible. Additionally, they have a lot of press, a great social media presence, and solid reviews of the game. They also have a well thought out expansion pack to tempt buyers into a higher pledge level. The only thing I see lacking from the draft Kickstarter page is that they only mention two stretch goals. But they do state that they have more of them planned out already. I expect we’ll find out more about those once the campaign is live.

Given their past experience with Kickstarter, the solid artwork, and compelling components (including portable playmats), this campaign will fund. I’m adding this one to my personal watch list so I can back it once it goes live. We’ll check back once this goes live and update this page with a link to the Salty Dogs Kickstarter page.

Author: Joosh

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