Pre-Game Report: Furball

Furball – A Medieval Family Card Game

Furball—A Medievil Family Card Game
Furball—A Medievil Family Card Game

The name kind of gives it away, but Furball is a medieval themed card game accessible to the entire family. Or maybe it’s a cat based card game with a medieval overlay. Either way, it’s a great combination of cats wearing armor and fighting monsters. The artwork is fun and includes things like  Zombie Cucumbers, which we know are terrifying for cats. Cucumbers, that is. Cats seem mostly indifferent to zombies or other zombified vegetables.

Game play seems easy to pick up, and more importantly, easy to explain to kids. The cards also provide a lot of variety, and unique character cards ensures that you won’t play the same game twice. To me, it looks like a simplified version of Munchkin, especially in the player’s ability to screw with each other. Which makes me really want to try this game out. And if you haven’t heard of Munchkin yet, then stop reading this and go check it out. We’ll wait for you to come back after you’ve played a round or two.

Our Prediction

The draft Kickstarter page looks good, and they probably only need about 100 backers to make this game a success. It looks like a super low-risk Kickstarter because the game is already built, and they have printed copies of it already. On the down side, some of the pledge levels don’t seem that appealing as they include signed copies of the game for an additional cost. Then again, I’m not into collectibles, so I could be the odd one out here.

Based on the fact that the internet loves cats, this game has cats, and only 100 backers are needed, I think there is a 75% chance this campaign will succeed. I’m excited to see how their launch goes, and we’ll check back once this goes live and update this page with a link to the Furball Kickstarter.


How Furball Works

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