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Legends of Novus by FunDaMental Games

I’m a huge fan of Gloomhaven, but the size, complexity, and setup time can make it difficult to play on a regular basis or with new players. FunDaMental Games has an interesting game coming out on Kickstarter in June that may offer a solid alternative. Legends of Novus has some great components but isn’t overwhelming, a solid rule book that is brief and to the point, and artwork that complements the theme of the game. A quick review of the rules and watching the play through really made me feel like this was a simplified version of Gloomhaven, and something that I could play without committing the next three years to finishing it.

Capturing my attention with this game is that you can play it solo, as a team, player-vs-player, or player-vs-environment. I’m not a huge fan of PvE and already have one large game filling that spot in my play schedule. But team and PvP sounded unique and something that I haven’t seen before in this type of game. The only thing better than winning a game, is if that game has taken significant time, thought, and strategy. This appears to me to be a game that can offer that. I’ll keep an eye on its progress to see if this is another game I can add to my collection. I love a game that will make my friends cry a little when they lose.

Our Prediction: On the upside, FunDaMental Games has already had a successful Kickstarter campaign called Duel of the Dragons. They have great artwork, their components are well-designed, and it has received extensive play testing. The price point, add-ons, and initial campaign goal are also strong points. The downside is that there weren’t any stretch goals and the marketing efforts were hard for me to gauge. While I’m not as confident about this game funding as I was with The Goblin King is Angry, I’m optimistic that the variety of game play styles will appeal to a large target audience. I think there’s a 75% chance of this game funding. This will then allow me to say my prediction was right either way.

We’ll check back once this goes live and update this page with a link to the Legends of Novus Kickstarter.

Legends of Novus Characters

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