Pre-Game Report: Icaion

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Editor’s Note: the Kickstarter is live now!

Normally, we do these posts on Wednesdays, but we had to make an exception for Icaion because it goes live on Kickstarter on May 21st, and it looks too interesting to pass up. It’s a 2 to 4 player eurogame with engine territory building and resource management. That almost sounds like work! But as you dig into their content, it is compelling, the miniatures look great, and they have designed it so that you can combine this game with their previous game, Mysthea, and create a third standalone game.

Tabula Games has artwork for all of their miniatures, a variety of pledge levels, access to Mysthea in case you want to combine the games, and fantastic overviews of their game using fancy gifs like the one below. All of this comes together nicely on their Kickstarter page, and even though it is cooperative, it lets you sabotage the plans of other players to your advantage, which is another major reason I’m watching this game. Throw in the stretch goals and weekly rewards and this is a very promising campaign.

Our Prediction: The objective for this campaign is ambitious, but given the success of their other games, I’m confident this will get funded. The question is, to what extent? I’ll check back in when the campaign goes live and update this page with a link to the Icaion Kickstarter. Surely you want to sign up for future fun sabotaging your friends. It’s not fun if you aren’t sabotaging friends or turning friend into foe.


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