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Welcome to the NZS Games Level Up! page. This is a repository for all of our affiliates and sponsors as well as a place for the discerning gamer to find great accessories to add to their gaming experience. None of these affiliate links will add any additional cost to you if you visit the related sites. In fact, some will grant you a discount on your purchase. If that is the case, I will add a description in the appropriate sections below. This is a great way to support this site while feeding your desire to loot rooms in search of new treasure! Of course, you could also check out our own store for goodies as well.

Geek Grind Coffee

Level Up with Dragon's Roast
Dragon’s Roast is a favorite.

We’re aware that you could “buy us a coffee” but we have plenty. Instead, how about you try some coffee from Geek Grind? Try some of the D&D/Pathfinder themed coffee ranging from light roast all the way through the espresso. They have whole bean or k-cups. We’ve tried them all and found that Dragon’s Roast and Elven Enlightenment are our favorites. They also have mugs and swag. Go check it out!

Metallic Dice

Don’t let the name mislead you… metallicadice.com carries much more than just metal dice. They have dice towers, bags, cases, trays, and plastic dice too. Use my coupon code (nzsgames) to get 10% off your entire order. That includes clearance items too!

Humble Bundle

You can choose for a portion of your payments to Humble Bundle to go to NZS Games if you like. 

Go check out your choices at Humble Bundle.
$20 for 35 digital books?! Or $30 for the 35 digital books plus a physical copy of the Core Rulebook. Go grab this Humble Bundle soon!

DMs Guild

Unlike the majority of our reviews, the DMs Guild products found in this section are sponsored by the creators. Currently, these titles are only Copper or Silver bestsellers as those products have the least visibility on DMs Guild after the introduction of Admantine and Mithral statuses. If you have products you’d like included here, please use the contact form below and let us know.

Loose Change—DMs Guild Copper & Silver Bestsellers

Amazon Affiliate

I will only include items from Amazon that I have tested and use regularly. Otherwise, this section would be too bloated. Items found here may or may not have full reviews somewhere on the site.

The Monsters Know What They're Doing
The Monsters Know What They’re Doing


If you want to make a straight contribution directly to the site you can do so via PayPal. We certainly appreciate your patronage!

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