Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.07

Kickstart Your Week is something new I will be doing each Sunday. I will include 3 to 5 current campaigns that I will also back. I will try to choose campaigns that have enough time left for you to be able to give enough consideration if you would like to back any.

Kickstart Your Week
Kickstart Your Week

Full disclosure, I am not independently wealthy and cannot afford 3 to 5 new games per week so there will be times I cannot back for a full game. However, you can rest assured that, on my honor, I am a backer in some capacity of the campaigns I write about. You can follow my Kickstarter profile here. Nonetheless, I hope these Kickstart Your Week posts help you and the creators!

1. Fiends & Foes – Adorably Deadly Chibi Style 5e Monster Cards

Kickstart Your Week
Fiends & Foes—Kickstarter ends on 10/16/2018 9:00 EDT

Ben Nielson has teamed up with artist, Mikoarc, to create these 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons cards. The cost is approximately $10 per deck and a deck will have at least 40 cards in it. For each unlocked stretch goal, Ben will add two cards to each deck. This Kickstarter is for four decks as its basic campaign, but additional decks can be unlocked with stretch goals. There are five decks currently available:

  1. Deck 1 is for monsters with a challenge rating (CR) between 0 and 1 and has such favorites as a kobold, bullywug, rust monster, hippogriff, and even a quasit.
  2. Deck 2 is for monsters with a CR between 2 and 4. The ettercap, gelatinous cube, couatl, and ettin reside in this deck along with at least 36 of their constituents.
  3. Deck 3 is for CR 5 through 8. Here is where you will find things like a frost giant, a wyvern, a troll, and a xorn.
  4. Deck 4 is for CR 9 through CR16. This deck is filled with dragons of various forms, devils, devas, golems, and more.
  5. Deck 5 is part of the first unlocked stretch goal and is ideal for druids. This is the wild shape deck and has animals from a 0 CR all the way up to a 6.

Other Details

Kickstart Your Week
Easily show your players the monster they’re facing while keeping the stats private.

As of this writing, this Kickstarter has funded $7,630 of its initial $4,902 goal (156% funded) and has 9 days remaining. The next stretch goal unlocks at $8,000 and another each additional $4,000.

You will get PDFs for the number of decks you back for plus a code for fulfillment through DriveThruRPG. You will also receive print-and-play paper minis for the monsters and tokens for virtual tabletops (VTT). Furthermore, the PDFs are formatted for mobile responsiveness. I love that feature!

Also, you can back for the Collector’s Edition to receive all the decks plus an 8.5″ x 11″ hardcover coffee table book that features the artwork of every monster in this campaign. You will also receive 5 12″ x 18″ posters of any five monsters you choose.

Kickstart Your Week
Fiends & Foes Coffee Table Book

2. Kill Merlin! a new board game for 2-4 (awful) wizards

Kickstart Your Week
Kill Merlin!

Merlin controls the market for mana and magic ingredients. He might call himself a successful businessman, but it seems others simply view him as a ruthless tycoon that needs to be exterminated. That is your goal in Kill Merlin! What I find appealing in this game (aside from it looking like a fun game) is the humor. Merlin needs to die because of his capitalistic fervor. The magic items cards are hilarious. Brain Juice and Orc Boogers? The Eye of Newt cards is reminiscent of a Cracker Jack box. Scott Werner did a fabulous job with the art for sure.

Kickstart Your Week
Organic brain juice makes your spells more potent. That’s Basic Spellcrafting 101!

As of this writing, Kill Merlin! has funded $18,623 of its $12,000 goal (155%). This game fully funded in just 11 hours and still has 11 days to go. There still some unlocked stretch goals available and unlike some campaigns I have seen, these are not self-indulgent. Tokens over chits are useful. And my goodness, a box insert may be today’s luxury, but I predict it will be tomorrow’s necessity. The same as with central heating and air in the south United States once upon a time.

3. Set a Watch

Kickstart Your Week
Set a Watch is just $22 for everything you see here!

I first became aware of Set a Watch when my friend from Mackerel Sky Games, Travis Wilkins, pointed it out to me. He knows of my fondness for Roll Player and thought this dice allocation puzzle game would be right up my alley. The guy is not wrong. Travis is like a good bartender. He knows your favorites and, consequently, can make informed recommendations to you if you are ever itching for something different but not completely alien.

Furthermore, this game has solo play!

But another compelling reason I am drawn to this game is that designer was inspired to create this game that is a fulfilling and collaborative adventure like D&D can be but doesn’t require a Dungeon Master. Sign me up!

You can back this game with confidence not only because it’s already funded but because this is creator Mike Gnade’s fifth campaign (after Brass Empire, Brass Empire Expansion, Maximum Apocalypse, and the Maximum Apocalypse Expansion…one could reasonably infer there will be a Set a Watch expansion). This game funded in 3 hours and is currently sitting at $115,958 of its $17,700 goal (655% funded) with 5 days remaining.

Wrapping up this Kickstart Your Week

We’ll see how these Kickstart Your Week posts pan out. I think it’s a great way to give exposure to new campaigns so if you have suggestions let us know.

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