Kickstart Your Week—2018.11.25

It’s time to Kickstart Your Week. Let’s review the campaigns that were still active last week.

Diced Tomatoes

Diced Tomatoes
Diced Tomatoes

My friend, @DiceAndTentacles on Instagram, called this one to my attention last week after he spent some time playing it with the creator. Diced Tomatoes looks like a diamond in the rough. That is to say it looks great but most people won’t see it and it likely won’t be discovered/funded. That’s a shame. I’m betting that there are some people out there that you, dear reader, know who would be interested in it though. So, please share this with them. Or, throw in a dollar to help out. Better yet, do both. I am. $5 will get you a print and play version where you can play with your own dice.

This is, at its core, a farming game. Using dice rolling and pattern building you try to harvest the most valuable tomatoes. Also, a game where you feverishly focus on a goal is incomplete without some “take that” mechanics. There is a lot of luck in this game but you’ll need to implement strategy to be successful.

Diced Tomatoes has raised $1,139 of its $18,000 goal with 15 days remaining. As I stated already, this game may not fund. I put it out here based on Rick’s (Dice and Tentacles) endorsement and the fact that it looks like a fun game.

Link to the Diced Tomatoes campaign

Whales Destroying the World

Whales Destroying the World
Whales Destroying the World

I’ve been watching Time Slug Studios for quite some time on Instagram and have been been intrigued by this game. I’ve mentioned several times in the past that I love bluffing games; playing with my kids led me to renaming them, collectively, as “The Decepticons” because they are good little liars.

There is a lot going on with this game and the campaign that is beyond the scope of this summary, check the campaign for the details. But, in a nutshell, most players will be trying to build a whale army and score the most points to win. However, one player will be the superspy. That player’s job is thwart all the other players’ plans and claim victory.

For less than $20, including shipping, you can own a copy of Whales Destroying the World. The campaign has a lot of add-ons and other merchandise you can also get. It’s a really interesting campaign! The campaign has raised $7.9K of it’s $4.5K goal and has 19 days to go.

Link to the Whales Destroying the World campaign



First things first, this is a LONG campaign. It has 42 days remaining. However, it is already funded so it’s all about stretch goals from here on out.

Valda is a game for 2-5 players where you play as a war chief who is trying to gain followers and achieve divinity. We all have that one friend who thinks everything is all about him, right? If you answered no to that question then you’re possibly the narcissist among your friends. I’m teasing. But nonetheless, this looks like a perfect game for stroking your own ego. There are more mechanisms featured in this game than you’ll be able to list from memory. Chief among them are variable player powers, take that, area control, and worker placement. Then the theme is amazing. I love mythology of all kinds but especially Norse mythology (Loki, Thor, Yggdrasil, Bifrost, etc).

Valda has already raised $26K of its $9.9K goal and, as I mentioned, still has 42 days left.

Link to the Valda campaign 

Wrapping Up Kickstart Your Week for 2018.11.25

That’s all for this week’s Kickstart Your Week. Let me know if you plan to back any of these or if I’ve missed something you’re keen on seeing featured. Also, if you’re a creator and would like your campaign considered for a feature, reach out to me at

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