Kickstart Your Week — 2018.11.04

As usual, let’s start this Kickstart Your Week post off with a recap of the previously mentioned Kickstarters.

  • The Dreams in Gary’s Basement—still going strong at 245% funding and 11 days to go
  • Dungeon WC—also a fine showing at 135% funding and 17 days remaining
  • Volfyirion—continues to impress with 624% funding and 11 more days in the campaign
  • Wardens—canceled…be wary of first-time creators with low funding goals for a minis game
  • Tidal Blades—665% funding and 5 days remaining…clearly, James Hudson knows what he’s doing
Kickstart Your Week
Kickstart Your Week

So, let’s jump ahead for this week’s Kickstart Your Week entries.

1. Skulk Hollow

Skulk Hollow

This game looks amazing. I’ve never played anything Eduardo Baraf has designed but I’ve interacted with him some on Facebook and I’ve found him to be thoughtful and engaging. Skulk Hollow feels much the same way. It’s a 2-player game of asymmetric combat. At $39, this is game isn’t a budget-buster and I’m impressed with how much you get for the money. Good art, lots of components, and great-looking meeples.

This campaign is 415% funded and has 11 days left. Plenty of time for you to decide to back it or not.

Link to the Skulk Hollow campaign

2. Nahual:A Tabletop RPG of Mexican Urban Fantasy

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Nahual but I think it was their take on Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam that really caught my eye. After reading about it some more I found it intriguing to play as a shapeshifter that hunts angels. Beyond D&D and Savage Worlds, I’m really not overly familiar with other systems and generally second-guess learning another system. But this game builds upon the Powered by the Apocalypse system so at least it’s not a completely unique system. For $10 the full PDF (via DriveThruRPG) can be yours. Another $10 gets you the softcover 6″ x 9″ book which, admittedly, is an awkward size for a book.

NahualThis game is set in a universe created by Edgar Clément and he makes some brilliant art! His images are evocative and even though I’m not fluent in Spanish I feel like I can get the emotional gist of what his art is conveying even if I can only pick up pieces of the writing without using a translation software. Fortunately, this RPG is available in both Spanish and English. The only other downside I see with this campaign is that won’t deliver until November of 2019. So, if you don’t feel like backing this. At least put it on your radar to check into at some point. It’s 1,400% funded so it will likely be available in stores. And, of course, it should be available on DriveThruRPG since they’re fulfilling it once the RPG is ready.

You have 13 days remaining in this campaign.

The game setting is a Mexico filled with fantasy and sci-fi elements, mixed with a maelstrom of violence, inequality, corruption, folklore and fiesta. In this mess, angels prowl the cities, looking for souls to feed upon. Restless humans pray to God and his angels; where there are people hungry for hope and faith, angels thrive.

Link to the Nahual campaign

3. Dungeon Universalis

Dungeon Universalis

I know what I said about first-time creators doing campaigns involving miniatures at the start of this article. But this one seems safer than Wardens since Ludic Dragon Games set a minimum goal of almost $40,000 and they are currently at over $179,000 with over three weeks to go. You should still be cautious but I think this one will pan out. This one is not cheap ($97 before shipping for the core set). On the one hand, you’ve got to appreciate that they’re not delusional in thinking they can deliver such a heavy game for an unrealistically low cost.

Your money gets you a rulebook, a campaign book, a bestiary, and lots of components and cards (800 cards!). As I mentioned, you get the minis but you also get over 230 standees. There is a lot in this box. If you like dungeon crawlers, complex games, and solo play then this is one you want to pay attention to! It also plays up to six so you can play with friends too if playing with yourself isn’t your goal…

Dungeon Universalis is 450% funded and has 23 days left in its campaign.

Link to the Dungeon Unversalis campaign

Wrapping Up Kickstart Your Week for 2018.11.04

That’s all for this week’s Kickstart Your Week. Let me know if you plan to back any of these or if I’ve missed something you’re keen on seeing featured. Also, if you’re a creator and would like your campaign considered for a feature, reach out to me at Be sure to check in next week. I’ve got a couple that I’m looking forward to sharing that aren’t live as of this writing.

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