Heaven is a Place on Faerûn

It’s been too long since we have released a Guild product. To say we were due is an understatement. Nonetheless, we have finally published Heaven is a Place on Faerûn which follows along our Truly, Madly, Deeply storyline. However, you don’t have to play the previous modules to play this one. Just get some 3rd level characters of a good alignment (friendly to—or even members of—the Harpers would be even better) and set off for the Sunset Mountains. There is a small mining village in the foothills called Heaven. Travelers to and from Heaven, and even some local miners, have reported being ambushed by overgrown insects. Once they return to the site of these ambushes, they find their equipment stolen.

Heaven is a Place On Faerún
Heaven is a Place On Faerún is available on DMs Guild

Playtesters gave a lot of praise for this adventure (they did not play the previous ones) and suggested it would take roughly 6 hours to play through the module depending on your group’s style of roleplaying, size, and whether you also use random encounters. They also pointed out that this module covers all three main elements of roleplaying games: exploration, social interaction, and combat.

The cover art is from Joseph Garcia and interior art is from Dean Spencer. The cartography is from Michael LaBossiere.

You can download a copy on the DMs Guild. Let us know in the comments what you think of Joseph Garcia’s art on the cover. We may just pick one lucky commenter to receive a complimentary copy of Heaven is a Place on Faerûn!

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24 thoughts on “Heaven is a Place on Faerûn

  1. I love the black and white penciled look, and of course I want to know WHO this character is on the front. The Insect Queen? But there are spider webs, too! Looks great!

  2. Epic art, Joseph. I love how she is fierce, beautiful, and gruesome all at once. Definitely wouldn’t want to cross her.

  3. Joseph Garcia is one of my favorite fantasy artists. While his work tells a story all its own, it makes you want to know more. That’s what the cover art does. It inspires you to dig deeper.

  4. Joe Garcia’s art is up to his usual high standards! The storyline and art both have me interested!

    1. Hi Rick, I rolled an 8 on my d10. Please send me your DMs Guild email address so I can send you your copy of Heaven is a Place on Faerún.

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