Doublehead Kids (Doppelkopf)

Jörg Trojan and his young children (all 12 years old or younger) have brought a cute card game to Kickstarter called Doublehead Kids. It’s inexpensive (~$12) and adorable. If you have children in mind for gift giving in 2020, consider this game. For children ages 6 and up, it has a 30 to 60 minutes playtime. Here is a link to the PDF rules (in English).

Doublehead Kids
Doublehead Kids is currently on Kickstarter

As of this writing, 17 days remain in the campaign. The campaign is currently at 680% of its goal. Although that goal was very small. This is Jörg’s first Kickstarter as a creator. But he’s backed over 60 campaigns, many of them in the hobby gaming category. It’s safe to assume he knows the basics of managing a good campaign. I see no reason why this simple card game shouldn’t fulfill in a timely manner. Sadly, it won’t make it in time for a 2019 holiday gift but it’s a great birthday present for a child. Or even a simple “just because” gift. One that requires no special occasion.

If you do nothing else, at least watch the cute video they put together and maybe share it with your friends with kids. It’ll make them smile.

I’m curious what other games those of you with children like to play.

Doublehead Kids Gallery (click to launch the gallery)

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