Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 2

It hasn’t been 3 months since I last reviewed Jeremy Hart’s Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 1 but it’s Halloween and time to take a look at some more of the good stuff! Like any good horror movie franchise, Creature Feature Quarterly will have sequels (it’s in the name, right?) and before I forget, CFQ Volume 3 is live on Kickstarter now. Now let’s take a look at Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 2.

Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 2 by Jeremy Hart
Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 2 by Jeremy Hart

Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 2

To recap, the Creature Feature Quarterly is a compendium of thirteen different creatures by Jeremy Hart. That’s one creature per week and I’m not sure if the unlucky thirteen is purely coincidental or part of the reason Jeremy chose to go with a quarterly compendium in the first place. As with CFQ V1, all but one creature here is evil. This reminds me so much of playing AD&D back in the day and my brother bringing out the Fiend Folio. I knew the odds were good we were about to face something as evil as the day is long and I played a paladin. Bring it.

Axiom Invoker
Axiom Invoker

My favorite creature from CFQ V2 is the first one listed and the only one that isn’t evil. And not because it’s not evil. The Axiom Invoker. These things are lawful neutral but if you see one of them it may mean your ass. These extradimensional beings are part of a clandestine organization who is charged with maintaining balance in Multiverse. An intergalactic constabulary, if you will. Even if an Invoker isn’t after you directly, one traipsing around your area is still not a good sign. These aren’t your standard volunteer deputies. These are more like eldritch marshals of the entire Multiverse. If they’re active, then something major may be going on.

Who knows what it could be. But a good DM may have an idea. Jeremy provides some good seeds for adventures involving these Invokers. You may be recruited to protect an NPC from one (they’re not invulnerable…it’s just that if one is around there are others somewhere that know about, right?). Or perhaps you find an injured Invoker and he shares some information about why he (or she) is here in the first place.

Note, In Case You Didn’t Read About CFQ V1 (but you did, right? Right??)

Seriously, in that previous review I give some details on A4 printing versus letter size. If you plan to buy a print version (Jeremy states in his Kickstarter video that another reviewer referred to it as a “zine style”) you may want to understand the technical aspects of the print; it may or may not matter to you.

At any rate, these CFQs are nice products to have whether you go with print or PDF. The challenge rating for Volume 2 ranges from 1 to 17 and each entry has art, a stat block, and a “fluff” page where you’ll find their description, lore, ecology, a few adventure seeds, and a size comparison illustration. He’s also adding paper minis and VTT tokens as well. That’s a convenience factor you don’t normally see included for just $4, as it is on the Kickstarter.

You can get the Creature Feature Quarterly on DriveThruRPG for $3.25 normally. But it’s currently marked down for a Halloween sale is only $2.24. Hurry up and grab this while it’s discounted!

Thanks, Jeremy, for the review copy of Creature Feature Quarterly Volume 2.

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