Campy Creatures
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Campy Creatures—B Movie Bliss

Done well, B movies are great entertainment films that create indelible memories. They are known for their low budgets, aesthetic ingenuity, and campy creatures. At…

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DM Advantage: Darkvision

Let’s talk about advantage. In particular, let’s talk about DM Advantage: Darkvision. Darkvision is defined in the 5th edition Player’s Handbook as an ability to…

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Stranger Things' sophomore season is coming in 2017
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Dungeons and Dragons Comes (a bit) off the Fringe

Hall of Fame Inductee In November 2016 Dungeons & Dragons, Little People, and the swing (more on that in a bit) were inducted into the…

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Free Fantasy Art
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Free Fantasy Art Pack Downloads

Despite the fact that Dungeons & Dragons (and other role-playing games) take place in the “theater of our minds” free fantasy art can be a…

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Critical Hit and Fail
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Good Hits-Bad Misses

NOTE: This product was updated in January 2019. If you’ve already purchased the product you can download the new file at no additional charge. Click…

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Truly, Madly, Deeply – 00 & 01 on DMs Guild

Pencils down! Okay, we finished up slightly earlier than we anticipated…hey, it’s not technically Thursday when we published these despite most people probably not seeing them…

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