Branden Robertson Joins Our Extra Life Team

It is my pleasure to announce that Branden Robertson has joined the Team NZS Extra Life team! I don’t recall when I first started following Branden on Instagram (@boardgamenoob, if you’re interested) but I remember being immediately struck by how humble and passionate he was about games and the gaming community. I am thrilled for him to join this great cause. We’ll need his help to raise money for suffering children. Their parents have enough worries already and medical expenses shouldn’t be chief among them.

[Editor’s Note 12.02.19: Branden has deleted his Instagram account since this article was published so the links to it have been removed.]

Branden lives in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area with his wife and pet boxer, Jasmine. He has two children aged 22 and 8. He works as a Senior Pastor after leaving his previous job as a Senior Systems Engineer for BNY Mellon.

His favorite game is Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures by Fantasy Flight Games. The thing that matters most to him in a game (aside from the social aspect) is theme. He says he is a picky gamer but I think a more polite, and fair, term to use would be choosy. You are a choosy gamer, Branden. Not a picky one.

Branden Robertson
Branden Robertson has joined our Extra Life team!

Where to Find More About Branden

You can find Branden on Instagram at 

His Extra Life page is He is playing for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation. He has currently set his goal at $100 and I have all the faith that he will meet that goal.

On behalf of the whole team, we’re excited to have you Branden!

If you’d like to contribute you can click Branden’s link above. Our overall team progress is below. You can help us make a difference. As it stands now, our team goal is $1,550. This is enough to cover three children’s Emergency Room visits.

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