101 Useful (ish) Magical Items 5e by Tal Woodblaze

101 Useful (ish) Magical Items 5e
101 Useful (ish) Magical Items 5e by Tal Woodblaze

101 Useful (ish) Magical Items 5e

Writer(s): Tal Woodblaze
Publisher: DMs Guild
Cost: $1.01
Product Length: 16 pages
Available Format(s): PDF

Useful(ish) TOC
Useful(ish) covers everything you see here.

101 Useful(ish) Items is a pretty straightforward supplement. It covers most imaginable items from armor to weapons. What is unclear to this reader is whether the intent was for a tongue-in-cheek collection of magic items or a serious curation of magic items that lie somewhere on the spectrum in between desirable/useful items and cursed items (some are cursed, just not the majority of them). The author does state his GENUINE intent on the product’s sell page and I have little reason to doubt that. Nonetheless, some are definitely worthy of a chuckle or maybe even have some use (as with the longbow of healing) and I wouldn’t be upset to happen across them in my adventures. Still, others raise some eyebrows (like the armour of hooks and crevices).

There are a few errors here and there (like missing spaces between a full stop at the end of a sentence and the first word of the following sentence). There are also white spaces at the bottom of one page that look anything but intentional. Additionally, the hanging indent style of each entry looks off. Honestly, it makes me wonder if the wrong PDF was uploaded during publishing.

But at such a low price point you do get a reasonable product and can you ever really have enough magic items to consider?


  • lots of fun magic items that, if used sparingly, could enrich your game


  • the PDF is missing its cover page and has unintended whitespace below the footer of each page
101 Useful(ish) Magical Items 5e
101 Useful(ish) Magical Items 5e is available on DMs Guild for $1.01.

A review copy was provided by the creator.

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