Sharn's Bounty Hunters

Eberron: Sharn’s Bounty Hunters—A DMs Guild Review

Eberron continues to enthrall me despite the fact that I have yet to read the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron. I’ve read great things from Guild authors though and Eberron fascinates me. It&#...

Sharn the Missing Schema

Sharn, The Missing Schema—A DMs Guild Review

Eberron is still largely new territory for me. It was officially released when I was on a very long hiatus from D&D (which was between 3.0 and just before 5E). This means that sometimes I get that...

The Saviour of Sharn

The Saviour of Sharn—A DMs Guild Review

In late July Wizards of the Coast announced that you could buy Eberron 5E content via the DMs Guild. The response was overwhelmingly positive and creators clamored to get content out as soon as they g...

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