Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.11.11

Let’s kick off this Kickstart Your Week post with the previous weeks’ entires and how those campaigns are doing: Tidal Blades–successfully funded at $783K. Congrats! Volfyirion–still going...

RPGenerations Tabletop Knights

RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights

I’m not fond of choosing favorites. Favorite food…child…color…number. Well, I take it back on the number. 9 is the best. But with everything else, I hate choosing. Obviously I ...

Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.11.04

As usual, let’s start this Kickstart Your Week post off with a recap of the previously mentioned Kickstarters. The Dreams in Gary’s Basement—still going strong at 245% funding and 11 days ...

Terminus Breach TD

Relaunching Matt Lloyd’s Terminus Breach

Ask the gaming community about backing Kickstarters and you will get no shortage of opinions. Following creators and campaigns is not unlike following your favorite sports teams and players. You will ...

Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.28

Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.28 Last week we covered some great Kickstarters and I’m happy to report that two of those have since been fully funded (the other two were already funded before my po...

Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.21

Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.21 I need to apologize for last week’s Kickstart Your Week. I realize that the Kickstarter links as videos are not optimized for mobile browsers and are a bit of an e...

Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.14

Last week for Kickstart Your Week I covered Fiends & Foes, Kill Merlin, and Set a Watch. Those campaigns are doing (or did) well and I’m happy to see it. This week we’ve got some excit...

Kickstart Your Week

Kickstart Your Week—2018.10.07

Kickstart Your Week is something new I will be doing each Sunday. I will include 3 to 5 current campaigns that I will also back. I will try to choose campaigns that have enough time left for you to be...

MYnd Kraft by Tharini Rajamohan

MYnd Kraft by Tharini Rajamohan—Game Review

What languages are you fluent in? I’m a native English speaker and you clearly understand English well-enough to read this blog. But perhaps you also speak Spanish or Japanese or a couple of Eur...

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