Ken Carcas

Enhanced Focuses

Enhanced Focuses—A DMs Guild Review

“Hmmm? Oh, yeah…my character has a spellcasting focus. It’s…uhh…his staff. He put a crystal on the end of it.” I’m speculating here, but the odds are good tha...

Altar of the Spider God

Altar of the Spider God—A DMs Guild Review

Undermountain is getting lots of buzz lately. I know of at least three projects going on within Guild circles, including this Undermountain Locales series, that involve Undermountain in some way. I do...

Storm King's Barrows

Storm King’s Barrows—A DMs Guild Review Synopsis

Storm King’s Barrows: Tombs and Crypts of the North is a DM’s Guild product with ten dungeons in the northern Sword Coast area. This is a summary of the overall product. I will not cover t...

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