DMs Guild Copper & Silver Bestsellers Update

It’s time for the quarterly audit where I update the DMs Guild Copper & Silver Bestsellers list I maintain on this site. Here is a list of those titles that have achieved a status of Electrum or better. Congratulations to all the respective creators! Additionally, several titles moved from Copper to Silver bestsellers. You can see those on the table by checking for today’s date in the field.

Titles Removed

Last Words

Once again, congratulations to these creators. Having played/read/used a few of these, I can personally attest that they’re great. Please be sure to check out the page (LOOSE CHANGE—DMS GUILD COPPER & SILVER BESTSELLERS) and share with your players, DMs, and content creators. If you want to submit a title for inclusion on this list please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can either comment on this post or email me at Finally, another way you could help is to share this article (or the Loose Change page itself) on your social media pages, groups, or forums you may be active in.

As always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Hey! Glad to see you updating again! I’ve been really thinking about playing D&D again after reading through some of the material you’ve posted and watching (a ton of) Matthew Colville haha. I’ll be sure to take a look through these, they sound like pretty exciting adventures!

    • Great! Let me know if you have questions. I can most likely get a quick response from any of these creators.


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