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DMs Guild Best Sellers

Looking for treasure? This page is for DMs Guild Best Sellers. Specifically, it is for Copper and Silver best sellers only. All entries are subject to a quarterly audit and if any have achieved a status of Electrum or better, I will remove them from this list. I have added whether the content is Adventurers League (AL) or not as well as its status (Copper or Silver).

You can search the table via the search box. Click the down arrow to tell it what field you’d like to focus on. I advise that you just use a last name if you’re searching for a particular author. Collaborations with multiple creators only list the first initial of each person so you may miss content if you search by a full name.

Keep in mind this list is not exhaustive. There are lots more available than what I show.

A Note on This List’s Entries

There are over 2,200 Copper or Silver status products on DMs Guild. This list is therefore populated by request only. Also, the creator(s) of these entries have paid a nominal advertising fee to be included in this list. Finally, any item that sits on this list for 1 year without a change in status is subject to removal. This serves one primary purpose in that it keeps the list shorter so that you, the reader, don’t have to filter through thousands of entries for something that catches your eye.

Also, I make use of affiliate links in this table. This adds no cost to the buyer and it does not reduce the commission that the creators receive. It supports the creators and it supports this site, which is otherwise ad free.

If you’re interested in including your product(s) on this page please contact me at or via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Loose Change—DMs Guild Copper & Silver Bestsellers

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