Author: Devon Trube

Devon Trube is a social worker, rights activist, podcaster, gamer and occasional freelance writer best known for his flagship podcast The Streamer’s Guide to the Galaxy, which he co-hosts with his lovely wife, Lauren, and his mystery podcast, Fabled. Devon has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over a decade, starting with D&D 3.5 in middle school where he fell in love with the game. Devon has since branched out and explored, studied, and played many other systems of tabletop role-playing games and boasts a personal RPG library of over 200 books. His latest podcast, Rocks Fall! was born from that love and seeks to explore the different types of TTRPGs that are out there, as well as a way to highlight the many innovative creators in the role-playing community. Devon can be found all over social media @Moundhousedude and his various projects can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and on your favorite podcast platform as well as occasional writings on

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